Who is PROAIR?

Proair.cn is an one-stop air freight forwarding platform, which provides related service of whole air freight ecosystem for over one hundred thousand members and global users.Including rates consulting, space booking, transportation, storage & package, customs declaration and inspection, insurance, order management, and air freight information.

As China's leading integrated air freight agency, PROAIR is combining IT with traditional air freight service, which is driven by AI technology and insist prudent operation & continuous innovation & inter-cooperation, providing competitive air freight service.

We are committed to working with global excellent air freight partners to complement with each other. And use big data driven deep learning technology, to improve user's experience, to create social values, to solve global air freight, environmental protection, employment challenge, to build a better air freight ecosystem. Currently we have nearly 100 employees with operations in more than 100 countries and regions.

What do we offer the world?

We create value for our customers. Together with other suppliers, PROAIR has worked with 100 airlines as well as 600 overseas agents. In order to make the logistics and information flows connect better for 6 continents, to help the high effective operation and flexible innovation of the global trade. The products we shipped, bring higher-quality experience for peoples' work, life and entertainment.

We promote industry development. PROAIR advocates openness, collaboration, and shared success. Through joint innovation with our customers and partners, and peers, we are expanding industry value to build a better air freight eco-system. Pro-Air is an active member of standards organizations like CIFA,CATA,WCA, we also focus on industry trends and defend industry reputation. We work very closely with our partner to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

We drive economic growth. PROAIR generates taxes revenues, provide local employment opportunities and stimulates the development of industrial chain. Furthermore, we deliver innovative air freight solutions that drive the fast global connection, fostering economic growth and greatly improving quality of life.

We provide dedicated people with strong growth platform. Inspiring dedication is one of PROAIR's core values, and it manifests in many ways. We assess employees and select managers based on their contribution, as well as the extent of their responsibilities. We provide our teams with a global development platform, giving young team members the opportunity to shoulder greater responsibilities and accelerate their careers. In this way, we can enable our team members to yield ample returns and gain memorable life experience.

What do we stand for?

We whole PROAIR team, for the past 9 years we have focused on air freight service, rejecting shortcuts and easy opportunities that don't align with our core business. With a practical approach to everything we do, we concentrate our efforts and invest patiently to drive technological breakthroughs. This strategic focus is a reflection of our core values: staying customer-centric, inspiring dedication, persevering, and growing by reflection.The digital era has been generous. We will make the most of this historic opportunity, and boldly forge ahead to build a better air freight ecosystem.

Proair.cn is a better platform for air freight ecosystem, all our persevering stuffs aim to integrate airlines, BSA, brokers, trucking companies, warehouse, and insurance, etc... to build a better Air freight People + Air freight products + Air freight industry ecosystem. PROAIR makes all air freight people closer, they can take Proair.cn as a garden for work & life. All our customers can get more convenient and comfortable air freight service by having Proair.cn around.

Founded in 2010 by Mr. Xiao Qingyun(Kevin) and others in shenzhen, Proair logistics has set up branches in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Ningbo. Mr. Xiao firmly believed that with the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China will certainly produce a number of national world-class logistics enterprises from the very beginning. Proair must be actively involved in this exciting historical process, to help global users have more comfortable logistics service experience and save more logistics cost, then to have a better position in the domestic and global market competition. He and his team members must strive hard and joyfully for the coming prospect, and they must create more social value and enhance personal value in the process.

In 2018, Proair.cn is online. It has the trademark "Proair柏陽". Apply for the trademark of "Proair普羅". Proair logistics was sold to Baiyang Investment Holdings. In 2018,
In 2017, at the beginning of the year, the GM Office and the VIP Account Department were established, and got the B/S architecture software system with its own copyright. At the end of 2017, set up the IT department, apply for the "PROAIR柏陽" trademark. In 2017,
In 2016, Ningbo branch was established. New strategic partners joined Proair, Xiao Qingyun was elected the President & General Manager. Separate Financial and Admin work. Started working with software companies to develop proprietary B/S architecture software systems. In 2016,
In 2015, Shanghai branch was established. It was suspended at the end of the same year. The company's business development is growing rapidly, China, Europe, North America three markets developed well. The customized B/S architecture management system is online. Operation department was upgraded to customer service department. At the end of the year, the first master executive joined the company. In 2015,
In 2014, Guangzhou branch was established. Start customizing the B/S architecture management system. China and Europe have improved market efficiency and begun to expand the North American market. The company moved into its own property. In 2014,
In 2013, Xiao Qingyun was appointed as General Manager. Restructured the management team, new partners joined in. Enable new domain name proair.cn. In 2013,
In 2012, the coloaders' business made significant progress and moved to longhua, Shenzhen in September. Xiao Qingyun first time invited a partner to Proair. Registered the proair.cn domain name. In 2012,
In 2011, simultaneously expanding domestic and European markets. The overseas team and medical equipment project made significant progress and moved to Luohu, Shenzhen at the end of the year. In 2011,
At the end of 2010, Mr. Xiao and other 5 partners set up Proair in Futian Shenzhen. The first web site is www.proair-intl.com, outsourcing logistics management of C/S architecture system. In 2010,





Building A Better Air Freight Ecosystem





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